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Divine Eye Media cherishes capturing love through our special event videography services. We’ve been trusted by couples to capture their wedding day from start to finish.

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Scope of Work


We capture footage of our clients’ weddings from start to finish. Filming includes bride and groom preparation, wedding ceremony, and reception.

Aerial Drone Services

We take our clients’ wedding footage to the next level with dynamic drone footage of the venue and cityscape. 

Post-Production Editing

Through our post-production editing services, we marry the videography and aerial drone footage of our clients’ weddings to provide a professional wedding recap video.

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The Challenge

Couples reach out to Divine Eye Media to capture meaningful moments throughout their big day and to produce an everlasting wedding video. 

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The Solution

Divine Eye Media carefully crafts footage captured throughout the wedding day to showcase the joy of the joy, love, and union of each couple.

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The Outcome

We capture each couple’s wedding day love story and create polished video deliverables that will be cherished for years to come.

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