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Sold Train

Sold Train founded by Texas realtor, Sheryl Aguillard,  helps buyers and sellers get their move on with top-notch service and true enthusiasm in the process. Divine Eye Media crafted a clear and memorable logo that captures the spunkiness of the Sold Train brand.

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Scope of Work

Logo Design

We created custom logo designs utilizing Adobe Illustrator to capture the essence of the Sold Train brand.

Brand Guidelines

We created a detailed brand identity document with the logo fonts, color palette, and logo best practice usage tips.

Social Media Templates

We created editable social media post templates and provided consulting services to educate the client on how to utilize the graphics and social media platforms.

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The Challenge

The client enlisted Divine Eye Media to help build the brand identity of Sold Train and establish branding deliverables that embody the enthusiasm Sold Train has for helping their clients buy and sell homes.

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The Solution

Divine Eye Media created 3 custom logo designs for Sold Train’s review. We then finalized one logo per client feedback and created a brand identity document. Divine Eye Media also created additional branding assets including email signature and social media templates.

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The Outcome

Our services established the foundation for Sold Train’s brand identity and paved the way for increasing their brand awareness and recognition. These creative deliverables will help reinforce a cohesive brand image as Sold Train continues to grow their client base.

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