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Patrice Washington

Patrice Washington is a transformational speaker, author, podcast host, and social media influencer who inspires her followers to chase purpose, not money. Divine Eye Media worked closely with Patrice to produce an assortment of multimedia content to market her mission, services, and products.

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Scope of Work


We filmed and edited deliverables including lifestyle content, conference recaps, testimonials, and paid sponsorship videos. 


We have provided on-site photography for Patrice at various locations within the metro Atlanta area. 

Graphic Design

We have created numerous graphics to complement our video content intended for social media audiences.

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The Challenge

Patrice was seeking a creative partner with the flexibility and convenience of multimedia bundle packages. She needed monthly content photoshoots and videography sessions for lifestyle and sponsored content. 

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The Solution

Divine Eye Media supported Patrice’s brand with on-site video and photo production, post-production editing, and social media graphics. We produced high-quality and engaging content that clearly conveys Patrice’s story and call-to-action “Chase Purpose, Not Money”. 

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The Outcome

Our deliverables have been used by Patrice in many marketing campaigns and have garnered numerous views, likes, and comments across social media platforms.

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