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Moton Legal Group

Moton Legal Group is a boutique law firm providing innovative legal counsel with exceptional representation for clients in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The law firm contracted Divine Eye Media for branded photography and promotional videography.

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Scope of Work


Divine Eye Media provided on-site videography and edited two video deliverables including commercial and welcome videos for Moton Legal Group.


We partnered with the client to coordinate his brand shoot and captured on-site high-quality photography at a picture-perfect studio location.

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The Challenge

Attorney Moton quickly needed multimedia content to kickstart his brand image in conjunction with the launch of his website and social media debut. 

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The Solution

Divine Eye Media conducted a half-day content shoot to gather a variety of photography and videography assets.

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The Outcome

We produced high-quality video deliverables and images that catapulted his brand. In addition, the client loved these deliverables and has shared the assets on his social media platforms to further increase brand awareness and recognition.

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