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Johnna, Closet Organizer & Stylist

Johnna is a wardrobe stylist and closet designer at California Closets. Divine Eye Media captured professional, chic branded photography of Johnna on-location. 

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Scope of Work


Divine Eye Media captured on-site photography at California Closets to provide high-quality professional personal headshots.


To ensure the quality, focus, and clarity of the captured photography, Divine Eye Media enhanced selected images to omit minor imperfections and add style.

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The Challenge

Johnna enlisted Divine Eye Media’s creative expertise to capture professional personal headshots to enhance her personal brand as a fashionable stylist. She quickly needed photos to use in printed collateral.

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The Solution

Divine Eye Media provided the client with high-quality and sophisticated headshots. Our crew utilized professional lighting to bring the closet floor model to life.

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The Outcome

Johnna’s smile says it all! She was able to utilize the photos to elevate her brand image and establish her presence as a sophisticated stylist.

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