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SisterLee Love

SisterLee Love is a blog inspired by the bond between two young sisters. They strive to share the love, family, and community some individuals might be missing. Divine Eye Media delivered a total brand refresh for the family oriented brand.

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Scope of Work

Logo Design

We created a custom logo design that evokes the brand’s essence. The logo incorporates the figures of two young girls, classic serif font, and a warm feminine color palette.


We collaborated with the client to facilitate a brand shoot, and we captured high-quality professional photos. 

Website Design & Development

Divine Eye Media creatively designed and developed the client’s website to provide an aesthetically pleasing product. We created an easy-to-manage blog for the client’s needs along with a personalized tutorial.

Support Consultations

We’ve supported SisterLee Love following the website debut with website maintenance and updates. 

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The Challenge

SisterLee Love reached out to Divine Eye Media for help with enhancing their brand presence. They required professional and unique creative assets.

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The Solution

Divine Eye Media was able to capture the spontaneity between the sisters with aesthetically pleasing and inviting photography and through a professionally designed blog.

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The Outcome

With the branding assets and new blog website created by Divine Eye Media, SisterLee Love was able to elevate their brand and connect with more individuals seeking the love, family, and community they were missing.

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