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Cascade Careers

Cascade Careers is a boutique consulting and coaching services firm based in Sacramento, California. They entrusted the foundation of their branding to Divine Eye Media for services including custom logo design, website development, stationery design, and more.

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Scope of Work

Logo Design

Divine Eye Media designed a custom logo to refresh the brand aesthetic and to evoke “wavy” California vibes.

Digital and Print Graphic Design

Divine Eye Media designed social media templates, a letterhead, envelope, business cards, and presentation template for Cascade Careers.

Website Design & Development

We designed and developed a custom website to promote Cascade Careers' services and to tell the organization’s brand story. Website pages include: Home, About, Services, Employers, and Contact.

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The Challenge

Cascade Careers was gearing up to expand their brand and requested Divine Eye Media’s creative expertise to reimagine their website, increase brand recognition, and create a clean, modern logo to easily convey a warm but professional aesthetic.

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The Solution

Divine Eye Media provided creative and strategic guidance to professionally rebrand Cascade Careers with a custom logo design, branded social media templates, business card design, letterhead and envelope design, presentation template, photography, and website design.

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The Outcome

The creative deliverables helped promote Cascade Careers’ services, increased brand awareness, and enhanced brand recognition. Our services supported Cascade Careers as they prepared to expand the business.

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